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Focused StrategyCarnegie Asset Management is an independent Copenhagen based investment manager with an ambition to be among the world’s leading asset management companies.

We were among the first to recognise the benefits of concentrated equity portfolios. Since 1986 we have made a conscious decision to focus our business model in order to deliver superior long term investment results to our clients.

A highly focused investment management organisation is the backbone for our unique culture and we are motivated by our focus to succeed.

The core of our team has remained the same for many years, which gives us one of the most stable and experienced investment teams in the industry.

Applied consistently, our belief is that the powerful combination of a strong investment culture coupled with a focused business model yields market beating results.

Focus, stability and passion are the core attributes of our beliefs.



Based on experience, we believe that a focused investment model with carefully selected stocks and small decision teams give the best results in the long term. The simplicity in our portfolios provides the necessary room for detailed analyses of every single company, ensuring that growth potential and risk parameters have been taken into account.


We believe that stability and experience pave the way for lasting investment performance. Our investment team is one of the most experienced and stable teams in the asset management industry.


We work passionately to achieve world-class results. We work hard at identifying the best companies and we never compromise on our long-term investment model.

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